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Curbed: 70's-Inspired Revamp

A '70s-inspired revamp creates groovy penthouse home in Maine
Far out!

By Mary Jo Bowling  Apr 10, 2017, 9:34am EDT / Photography by Tony Luong

Sometimes, you don’t know what you’re are looking for until you see it. That was the case with Brian and Krista Haapala. The Portland, Maine, couple went looking for office space and ended up with that and an urban family retreat.

Brian is an investment banker, Krista is an author, poet, and relationship counselor. When they set out to find a place to work and meet with and entertain clients, they envisioned more traditional office space. Then, a friend suggested they take a look at the two-story penthouse unit that was recently constructed over an historic building. Their initial hesitation was erased when they got a look at the water views and the layout of the home.

They quickly decided that the unit could serve multiple functions: office, entertaining space, and a downtown residence. Their other home is more traditional and, though in Portland, removed from city living. “We had planned on moving downtown anyway once our older son heads for college,” says Krista. “But we had anticipated buying something in two years, so you could say this purchase was a bit unexpected.” Continue reading over at CURBED.

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